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The following is a tribute of a patient about her Doctor who has earned the nick-name of “The Lady with the Healing Touch”.

More often than not Doctors are held in high esteem the world over because they put service before self. In these days of crass commercialization of medical practice, fewer Doctors are actually putting service before self. However Dr. Kusum Agarwal’s ingrained philosophy has been “परोपकारार्थम इदं शरीरम” ( This body is meant for service to others.)

She had it in her even as a child to be a Doctor. Even if you forget the Doctor-Patient games she played as a child, or the single minded devotion in being the “outstanding” student in school or winning the prestigious Dr. Jer Banaji Gold Medal in B.H.Medical College for Homeopathy way back in 1965, one cannot forget her “burning desire” to learn more and more. She gained valuable knowledge in USA before she embarked on her life’s dream – To Serve Humanity.

There is a saying, “No power on earth can stop an idea, whose time has come”. The time for Dr. Kusum Agarwal’s passion to heal through homeopathy had indeed arrived.

After marriage, she settled in Delhi. Soon she was blessed with a Son and a Daughter (incidentally they are also Doctors). As she had to balance home and service, she opened a charitable clinic in her own house to serve the poor and needy. She also served under Dr. Jugal Kishore of Delhi who was the renowned physician to the then President of India.

Relocating to Bombay in 1972, was a turning point. Here, she was fortunate to have worked with the great Dr. S.R.Wadia. In 1976, she opened her first clinic in Matunga. The clinic was so successful that soon she opened another clinic in 1979 at Pedder Road. Pedder clinic was not just successful but became so over-crowded that she needed four compounders to help ease the rush. Later she opened another clinic in Ghatkopar and the fourth in Bandra.

Her Activities


  • Matunga Gujarati Stree Mandal – Kings Circle.
  • Shree Kutchi Lohana Seva Mandal – Matunga.
  • Rajasthan Mahila Mandal – Gowalia Tank.
  • Honorary Physician in Kapada Committee in Hindustan Chamber of Commerce – Kalbadevi.
  • Banaji Homepathic Pharmacy – Free Clinic at Princess Street.
  • Banajee Homeopathic Clinic – Free Clinic at Byculla Branch.
  • Ramlal Bagadia Charitable Trust – Kings Circle.

She has written many medical articles to several magazines (Mid-Day, Janmabhoomi Pravasi, Daily, Urdu Times, Kutch Mitra etc.) apart from appearing in TV health programme “Arogya Sampada” answering several medical doubts and queries.

Kusum’s natural inclination to learn more and more to keep pace with changing times has now brought her to the cyber world. Hence this web site. A tireless healer reaching out to one and all beyond boundaries!

Books Published

Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic entry
Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic entry


  • Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic entry
  • Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic
  • Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic
  • Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic
  • Kusum Agarwal pedder road clinic
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