About Homeopathy

When Dr. Samuel Hahnemann experimented on himself and took large doses of quinine decoction to produce malarial fever way back in 1790, least did he realise that he would be pioneering a new branch of Medicine. What he did next was what made the world hail him as the Father of Homeopathy (Meaning Similar to the Disease). He started taking the doses in very small quantities and followed the diction “Likes Cures likes”. HE BECAME HEALTHY AND FREE FROM MALARIA.

That he made several experiments for six solid years and gave 350 medicines sent the world into a tizzy. HOMEOPATHY HAD ARRIVED.

In India, Mumbai to be specific Dr. Kusum Agarwal, the golden girl of Homeo Care with a litany of credits from USA and UK has come out with “All you wanted to know about the basics of homeopathy” website.

Mumbaikars who have greatly benefited from her, refer to her as the Lady with the Healing Touch.

  1. Homeopathy Treats the Patient and not just the diseases.
  2. These potentized doses being very small, Homeopathy can boast of Zero scope for side effects.
  3. Homeopathy cares gently and other medicines which the patient has been having need NOT be stopped! It gradually reduces the need for other medicines and quietly triumphs against the disease.
  4. Homeopathy goes to the root of the problem and does not treat just the outside symptoms.
  5. Medicines are procured from various plants, herbs, minerals, metals, chemicals and animal kingdom.
  6. Different treatment is prescribed for different individuals for the same disease, depending on Physical And Mental condition of the patient. Remember the sagely idiom of the wise It is all In the Mind

Do’s and Don’ts of Homeopathy

  1. Do not have raw Onion, Garlic and Coffee while on Homeopathy treatment.
  2. Do not consume anything 15 minutes before and after taking the pills. Mouth should be free of food, toothpaste, mouth wash, tobacco and other strong substances.
  3. Medicines should be kept away from strong odours such as Menthol, Camphor, Perfumes, incense etc.
  4. Pills should not be touched by hand.
  5. The required dosage should be put in the cap of the container and taken orally.
  6. Medicines work through the lining of the mouth. If more than one medicine is to be taken, they should be spaced 5 minutes apart.


Homeopathy Vs. Other Systems of Medicine.

The “English Medicine” as it is sometimes called is a highly researched system and continues to reinvent itself by further researches. But even they fret, that it is not an exact science. What was considered as holy gospel is discarded 30-50 years down the line!

  1. But Homeopathy is based on a definite scientific law of nature “Similia Similibus Curenter” meaning “Let likes be treated by likes”.
  2. Those considered “incurable” by other methods are cured by homeopathy.
  3. Even babies don’t mind having sweet homeopathy pills.
  4. It cures quickly, without danger of poisoning/allergic reactions/side effects.
  5. For animal lovers and activists this system should be a huge relief as they don’t test on animals.
  6. It is cost effective. It avoids the need for surgical treatment like tonsillitis, adenoids, piles, fistula, kidney stones etc.
  7. Most important of all, even hereditary diseases and tendencies can be cured by homeopathy.
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